Egg Tart (蛋挞)

No dim sum experience would ever be complete without an egg tart. While there are many different types of desserts while eating dim sum, none of them can compare to egg tarts(蛋挞).  Although egg tarts became a staple in traditional Hong Kong dim sum, it originated for Portugal.

The egg tart derived from a Portuguese dessert known as the custard tart(pastel de nata). It is then introduced to Hong Kong in the 1940s and was reinvented to cater to their demographic. While these dishes are similar, the core difference is in the custard.

The custard in the Portuguese version has a consistency that rivals crème brûlée. The Hong Kong style tends to have a smooth, silky texture and is typically less dense than the Portuguese version. The Hong Kong style's custard emphasizes the taste of the egg and is caressed by a puff-pastry crust.

Happy Bakery is known almost exclusively for their egg tarts. Most of the egg tarts that people buy commercially tend to have a crust that is either too dense, or so flaky to the point where it doesn't compliment the filling. At Happy Bakery, we have found the perfect balance of density and taste so that each bite is something to be relished.

Coincidentally, the great thing about Happy Bakery's egg tart is that in order for people to enjoy it takes more than one bite. The reason for this is because each egg tart has a diameter of a common coffee mug. Traditionally, Hong Kong egg tarts are bite size, but tends to be less satisfying because of the crust to egg ratio.  Traditionally, the amount of crust overpowers the custard. At Happy Bakery, we make our egg tarts bigger to provide a more satisfying experience our community.

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